When Diving On a Liveaboard

When Diving On a Liveaboard, What Should I Pack?

Liveaboard diving is a popular type of scuba diving because it gives divers who are unable to dive every single day of the week, an opportunity to look at different types of fish and see the underwater world. You have to be prepared, so before you arrive at the cruise ship or boat, make sure to prepare beforehand with these items: wetsuit, mask and snorkel. If you forget anything on this list then don’t worry because there are usually shops nearby that sell all of these items in case of emergencies. This post will provide the necessary items for a Liveaboard dive.


The wetsuit is what keeps you warm while diving underwater, so it is very important to pack one of these. If you do not have one then there are usually places close by that rent out this equipment and other equipment such as masks and fins. Make sure you try it on before purchasing this item though, and also that it fits correctly. The best fabric for a wetsuit is neoprene because it keeps the diver warm in cold waters.

Mask and Snorkel

Mask and Snorkel

These are two diving equipment items that go hand-in-hand, so you definitely want to pack both of them. The mask will keep water from going in your eyes while you dive and the snorkel is what lets you breathe underwater. You need to make sure both of these items fit correctly and are not too loose because this can result in a very bad day for you if they fall off or sink to the bottom of the ocean. Look at this website https://konjocruisingindonesia.com/ for more details.


After packing all the necessary items for diving, you should also pack your fins. Fins are what give you a boost when swimming and make it easier to catch up with the rest of the group. They come in a variety of sizes so be sure to get one that fits your feet properly because this can save you from an injury.


Protecting your skin from the scorching sun is very important for divers, which is why you should pack sunscreen with SPF 50+ before diving. Sunburn is an injury that can be extremely painful and if it does happen then there are usually shops nearby that sell a variety of items such as aloe vera creams.



A towel is useful no matter where you go, especially when diving because some of the places to dive are a little humid and wet. The towel can dry your body off after a dive, but if you have one from the cruise ship then it would be best to just use that so you don’t have to pack another one.


We hope you have found this article helpful as a guide to packing for Liveaboard diving. While it is important to be prepared before arriving, we also want you to know that the staff on these cruises does their best to make sure all your needs are met. If there’s anything not mentioned here that you need or forgot at home, don’t hesitate to ask them and they will do their best in accommodating your request. In order for divers of any level of experience-whether beginner or advanced-to enjoy themselves fully during a liveaboard dive trip, preparation beforehand is key!