What Are the Different Types of the Foundry?

The metal manufacturing industries have to depend upon a variety of foundries and furnace techniques. It isn’t possible to prepare various kinds of products with one method only. The blast furnaces are used for metal works but mostly for iron and ores. In order to manufacture foundry, furnaces are required to cast different kinds of metals. There are various procedures through which metals are passed before the final product is created. It might seem that everything is quite easy but it takes a lot of time to get the work done. There isn’t a single type of foundry because a variety of metal castings are made every day in the world.

Just like there are different kinds of products made, there are a variety of foundries and their different equipment. The furnaces of the foundry are the major parts that change the overall foundry. You can call that a foundry is a difference because it has got a different kind of furnace in it. You can understand more about the metal casting factories if you will learn about the variety of foundries available. The foundries are mostly defined with their equipment and especially furnaces. So, here are the various types of furnaces which differentiate the foundries.

Crucible Furnace

Crucible Furnace

These are quite simple furnaces because they are made from ceramic or some other refractory materials. The metal which can be used to handle extremely high temperatures is used in this kind of furnace. The crucible is put into a heat source and then filled up with metals. There can be different sizes of crucible furnaces and these are used by hobbyists and jewelers.

Induction Furnace

When it comes to what are the types of the foundry, then there isn’t a specific answer but there are around four major foundries. One of the most commonly used furnaces is the induction furnace and its demand is growing day by day. These are quite easy to operate and provide a high quality of output. The normal-sized induction furnace can produce around 65 tons of steel at every single charge. Isn’t it great? In the induction steel furnaces, steel is charged into the crucible and then surrounded with a coiled copper electromagnet. This coil creates a reverse magnetic field which makes Eddy currents in the melting metal. This helps to stir the metal on its own due to the magnetic field. The excited metal molecules help to increase the heat in the furnace. There is no need to add any other gases in this kind of furnace. It works simply and doesn’t require much hard work.

Electric Furnace

The electric furnace has to use electrodes to run the electric current into the metal which is placed in a furnace. These kinds of furnaces are used in foundries with large beams and slabs. The furnace tank is filled up with metal and then electrodes are placed in the metal through which electricity is passed. Oxygen is also added in this process. This procedure is also quite famous but not more than the induction furnace.

Cupola Furnace

These are long-size furnace with chimney look and are filled up with coal and other additives. Metal is added into furnace directly but these furnaces aren’t used much in modern foundries. These days, induction furnaces are used because they make the best foundries.

Cupola Furnace

So, these are some types of furnaces. You must have got the answer to what are the types of foundry. You can look forward to taking the help of steel melting foundries if you need it for your business. One can find refurbished tools, replacement parts, and induction furnace at the foundries.