Every county in Ohio has a Family and Children First Council. Each council includes public and private agencies, as well as parents.



Local Family and Children First Councils identify and address the ongoing needs of children and families through planning, implementing effective strategies, monitoring.

Local Family and Children First Councils recruit and support parents encouraging them to be active contributing members of the council, to be involved in key decision-making efforts.


Local Family and Children First Councils streamline and coordinate existing government services for families seeking services for their children (micro). FCFCs also annually evaluate and prioritize services.

Local Family and Children First Councils provide a collaborative infrastructure that allows for creative and innovative solutions that will streamline and strengthen the local service delivery system for children and families.

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The Facts About Public Mobile Discounts

December 7, 2019
public mobile discount code

Are you looking for the best mobile promo codes or discount codes? There number of websites that allow using this promo code to purchase public mobile products. But, you have to choose the reputed website which provides efficient and timely delivery services to all their clients. You can make a better return on the investment who when you choose these websites. You have to explore all the websites and find the best of promo codes to get public mobile coupons.

By all these public mobile coupons and promo codes start shopping and get attractive deals and save more money. So, you don’t need to waste time and get the best public mobile coupons and purchase public mobile products at excellent prices.

Use the promo codes

Use the promo codes

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Reduce the money

How you can purchase public mobile products at discounted prices? When you are opting to purchase these products at discounted prices then you have to get the public mobile discount code or coupons. You should explore different websites to get all these promo codes and coupons. These days, there are numerous websites provide these funds and allowed to use this coupon and get up to 50% or more than 50% off on public mobile products. You can save more money and purchase the public mobile product at discount.

Make purchase budgeted

Make purchase budgeted

Do you want to know about the public mobile discount code? With no doubts, you can apply the public mobile discount code when you are purchasing public mobile products. Today, there are a number of websites and of businesses available where you can order public mobile products. Make sure you do the reputed company which provides the promo codes and you can get the 50% off on all these products. So, you have to choose the best website where all these deals are active.

Is public mobile discount codes are beneficial? Yes, these codes are beneficial and will help to save a lot of money when you want to purchase public mobile products. Bye internet, you will be able to purchase these products and grab the beneficial deals. You don’t need to waste time and money using the public mobile coupons for promo codes which can provide up to 50% off on your orders. You don’t need to forget to use these codes before purchase the public mobile products and get the products at better prices.

Get in Shape without Joining a Gym

December 6, 2019
Get in Shape without Joining a Gym

If you think that your body is not in control or you want to shed some fat from your body, then it might be time for you to start working on your fitness. Some people might recommend you to join a gym, but it is not the only way to get back in shape. As you already know that every person is different and you need to work on different as per your body. Not everyone can lift heavyweight at the gym. So you should first learn about yourself and create a suitable plan to get back in shape.

Try using bodyweight for strength

Try using bodyweight for strength

Not everyone likes to go to the gym, that is why you can try some methods for weight training. You can use your own bodyweight to do some exercises to build strength and become fit. It is one of the best alternatives that you can try for your fitness and gain some muscles while working out. There are various types of bodyweight training exercise, that you can find on the internet. Make sure that you avoid any injuries when trying bodyweight exercise.

Prefer cardiovascular exercise

If you want to get back in shape and improve your health and you need to try cardiovascular exercises. By boosting your cardiovascular system can help in improving your overall health and improve the oxygen consumption in your body. This will help you to get better stamina and make your muscles stronger

Increase protein in your diet

Increase protein in your diet

To get back in shape and improve your overall health you need to increase the amount of protein in your diet so that you can remain fit and healthy. If you want to get additional details about the benefits of rooting then you can visit By increasing the amount of protein can help in boosting your metabolism system which will help you to burn fat.

Be regular for workout or exercise

One of the most important things during the fitness program is that you need to be regular in what you do. Consistency is the key to get back in shape and attain a beautiful body. For this, you have to first prepare your mind to do various types of exercises and control your urge to eat junk food.

Avoid taking a lot of stress

Avoid taking a lot of stress

Also, you need to avoid taking any kind of stress or worries about anything, as it will directly affect your mental health, which will affect your physical body. Some people tend to drink when they get stressed, which is not good for the body. So you need to make sure that you are aware of all such things to work on your fitness.

These are some of the things that can help you to get back in shape without having to go to the gym. You can visit and get information about various types of fitness products. By using the supplements in your diet will help you to lose weight easily. All you have to do is be regular with your workout and fitness programs.

Healthy Diet Tips for Women

December 4, 2019
Healthy Diet Tips for Women

A balanced diet is one of the sot important things for better health. As you can easily see, women also enjoy a variety of healthy food from different food groups that includes fruits, healthy fats, vegetables, lean protein, and many other healthy grains. But it is very important for women to have a proper healthy diet plan to fulfill their special nutrient needs in an effective manner that can change their way of living. A proper diet plan can help a woman to do lots of work at home and office and helps her to lead a healthy life.

If you want to maintain your body weight then it is essential for you to have a proper diet plan and make sure to eat healthy and nutritious food according to your diet plan so that you do not have to face any kind of issue and hassle. If you want more knowledge about it then it is beneficial for you to visit a site like where you can easily get to know about your healthy diet plan in an effective manner. Here are some ways that can help you to lead a healthy life so that you can maintain your overall well being.

Eat right

Eat right

Nutrient-rich food offers energy to a woman to live the busy life and also provide best possible helps to reduce the risk of any diseases and health issue. For this, it is essential for you to have a proper healthy eating plan on a regular basis that includes the following:

• Three servings of the fat free and low fat dairy products that include yogurt, milk, and cheese or you can also add calcium fortified plants as an effective alternative.
• Two cups of fruit juice that is frozen and fresh without added sugar.
• At least three-ounce equivalent of the whole grains like whole wheat cereal flakes, whole grain bread, and brown rice or oats can be an ideal choice for you.

Iron rich foods

Iron is the best key for good health as it helps you to improve energy levels in women before menopause. Foods that include high level of iron like pork, fish, red meat, chicken, lentils, beans and cereal are best for a woman’s health. So, it is beneficial for you to eat the food that rich in iron and vitamin-C to live a better life.

Daily calcium and vitamin D requirement

Daily calcium and vitamin D requirement

For healthy bones and teeth, a woman requires healthy food that contains calcium, vitamin and minerals. Calcium keeps your bones healthy and strong and also helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis that can make you weak. Lots of beverages like milk, yogurt, and juices are considered as a great source of vitamin D that is very beneficial for woman’s health.

Foods and beverages to limit:

There are lots of foods and beverages that need to be avoided by women that excess added sugar, alcohol and saturated fat. Regular soft drinks, candies, cookies have added sweeteners that can have bad impact on your overall health and it is essential for you to limit the added sugar in your food that can lot of benefits for you.

Physical activity is a very important part of a women’s health and it is beneficial for you to maintain regular physical activity that helps to maintain better health, flexibility and stress management. So, if you want further information about proper healthy diet then it is beneficial for you to visit the site like and able to maintain your health in an effective manner. For a woman, it is important to maintain healthy body weight and activity level so that you can live a better life.

How Can Lemonade Diet Help In Weight Loss?

December 4, 2019
How Can Lemonade Diet Help In Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss many people try different exercises and diets to stay in shape and remain healthy. Due to the fast food culture of today's generation, many people deal with obesity and unusual weight gains that can limit their daily activities and can also affect their health in the long run. Therefore, weight loss diet like lemonade diet is must for people who are dealing with over weight issues. But lots of people have confusion whether it is beneficial for weight loss or not and in this article, you will find why it can be beneficial for your weight loss regime.

Is it beneficial for weight loss

Is it beneficial for weight loss?

With every weight loss diet, there are certain advantages and disadvantages. For people who are determined for weight loss, following a rigorous diet is a must for them to get back in proper shape. You must be motivated, determined, and must follow it daily for experiencing its benefits. But for many people motivation and determination last only few weeks or days and they are unable to follow it after that. This cannot help you in achieving the results that you are hoping for.

The weight loss diet can become beneficial to you only if you take it daily and follow a proper diet plan accordingly. Any diet including lemonade diet can create wonders for you only if you follow it properly until you achieve required results.

What is the diet plan for it

What is the diet plan for it?

If you are serious about it and want to follow it for weight loss then below are a few steps that you can try in order to start and follow this diet plan.

• The first thing that you must do before starting this diet plan is to cut the consumption of every kind of processed food, meat, alcohol, dairy, and caffeine.

• Now you must focus on eating raw and natural foods like vegetables and fruits and you also need to get used to a diet that is purely liquid based.

• You can choose any kind of fruit to make smoothies and can also drink broths and make soups to change your taste from time to time. As long as you are on a healthy liquid diet you will start feeling a change inside yourself.

• You also need to drink plenty of water and orange juice and lemonade to get those additional calories that you need.

What are its other benefits?

As compared to other diet plans this diet is easy to follow and it is also less expensive as compared to other diet plans. As in this diet, you will only require fruits and vegetables that you can easily find any where so you won’t have any problems in finding the ingredients required to make your daily diet plan.

So, if you are planning for weight loss and looking for a diet plan then try the lemonade diet plan. It is very easy to follow and you can get all the ingredients required for it easily and cheaply.

How To Make A Flashlight

December 3, 2019
How To Make A Flashlight

You can find a lot of options in the market and even online if you are searching a flashlight. There are best models that you can twist, crank, shake, click, and more. In case if none of they were able to tickle your fancy expectations then you can plan for guides that tell you how to make a flashlight. Visit the site to know more about the product.

Even though there are many flashlights that come with extra features like whistles and bells, sometimes most of them are unnecessary. Flashlight is used for unique purpose and you may not make use of these extra features most of the time. Hence there is no point in paying extra money for features that goes never used. There are many ideas that you can learn and make a flashlight of your own. You may end up making a best flashlight just by using toilet paper tube and few other very basic supplies that are available in your house.

Using a Quick & Easy Method

Using a Quick & Easy Method

There are few steps that you need to follow in making the flashlight. Let’s look into these steps.

Gather Your Supplies

Fix a clean area where you can start working. You can also call some kids and other family members too. Kids will be interested in these types of DIYs and they will love it when the flashlight gets ready with no expensive things but the ones they can easily gather at home. It is possible to make a flashlight just with your bare hands.

You just need following supplies for making flashlight.

  • You should pick one empty toilet paper roll. If this is not available then go for lightweight cardboard and roll it into small tube shape
  • After that keep two D batteries
  • Have a tape in hand
  • Take a 5" long wire pieces. If it is a speaker wire then you should pick the copper kind
  • 2.2 volt light bulb. You can choose you own choice of bulb

supplies for making flashlight

Now start building the flashlight.

Take of the batteries and you need to tape the wire to its negative end. You should tape it properly so that it snug and it is not moving. Otherwise your light will start flickering. You can also make use of tin foil in place of wire. But tin foil is harder to work with and it is dependable Now cover the bottom of the toilet paper roll using the tape. This is to make sure that light is not sneaking through from any other place. If this is not done properly, then you will end up with poorly working flashlight.

When inserting the battery to the paper roll, you should insert the wire end first. Even the wired end is inserted so that it is facing down, end of the wire should be available at the open end. In case if the wire is unable to make it to the end of the battery, then you should shorten the paper roll and there is no other choice.

Now it’s time to insert the battery with the negative side and this negative side should go and meet the positive side of other battery. This results in proper flow of electricity and it lights up the device. Now it’s time to tape bulb and bottom half of the bulb should be visible. Now using the wire, you can touch the bottom of the wire and now the bulb lights up. In case if doesn’t light up then you may have to cross check the again and try. This is the simple method to make a flashlight that comes with off and on button.

Now start building the flashlight

There is no need to spend a lot of money on fancy flashlights if any of the features are not useful. Hence you can create your own flashlight using simple supplies at home.

How To Recover Icons On Desktop For Windows 10

December 2, 2019
How To Recover Icons On Desktop For Windows 10

Windows 10 was launched in 2015 and since then it has become one of the most used windows operating systems worldwide. Microsoft has made lots of changes in this version and one of the biggest changes that came with it is completely new form and improvised start menu. Many people faced lots of problems operating windows 10 because of all these new changes and one of those problems was the visibility of desktop icons.

Many people complained about their windows 10 desktop being empty and not showing any of the icons. And if you are also someone who is experiencing this problem then you can follow the steps given in this article to resolve your issue.

Using show icons option

Using show icons option

The first method that you can try to fix your issue is by checking the desktop icon visibility option. In order to do this, you will need to right click on the empty space of your desktop and select the “view” option. A side menu will open when you click on that option and from that side menu you must select and click on “show desktop icons”.
Once you have clicked this option then most likely all the default desktop icons will be displayed and your problem would be resolved. Sometimes you also might have to click on “auto arrange icons” in side options to display desktop icons.

Check if the visibility of the icons is enabled or not

Check if the visibility of the icons is enabled or not

The second method that you can try if the above one fails is by enabling icons visibility through settings option. For this you need to go to windows settings, you can do this by clicking on the notification tab on the extreme lower right of your screen and then click on “all settings” option.

Now in the settings menu click on the “personalization” option, then in the next menu click on the “themes” option. After that you will see some options on the right-hand side of the theme menu, click on “desktop icon settings” from them. Now you will be presented with desktop icon settings box, select all the icons that you want to be visible on the desktop and after that click on “apply” and then “ok” button. This is the best fix that you can do if the first option did nothing for you and if the problem persists still, then try the next method.

Try to disable tablet mode

Try to disable tablet mode

Windows 10 comes with an integrated tablet mode to provide better experience on both laptops and tablets. And many of the times it is seen that if the tablet mode if enabled on the laptops the desktop icons are not visible. Therefore, make sure that it is disabled by going to the settings menu and disabling it.

So, these were some of the methods that you can try to fix the issue related to the visibility of desktop icons. Be sure to comment and tell about the method that fixed your issue.

How Can I Improve My General Health

November 28, 2019
How Can I Improve My General Health

A healthy life is essential for us throughout our lifetime. A healthy life makes you more confidence and feels much comfortable. General health provides many health benefits. the importance of maintaining your health and well being during your lifetime by integrating exercise, diet, sleep management, preventative health checks, control mental health problems, finding ways to relax and calm down are all important features of our health and happiness. General health is significant for everyone. So making it a priority and doing everything that requires being done to maintain your bodies in tip-top shape. It is vital to get advice from your personal doctor or consultant about general health issues. If you want more details about general health see this website

Importance Of General Health

Importance Of General Health

There are many things to consider eating healthy and nutritional food, which is the key to our happiness. Avoiding as much fast food and other junk foods that are high in fat and sugar content will lower the risk of having many issues like diabetes, health-threatening issues, and other heart diseases. Another important factor to consider about general health is keeping your body’s physical activity. It is very essential to maintain your body activities so as to burn many calories and nutrients, which you usually get from the food that you eat. Some of the most considerable physical activities are cycling, playing sports activities, swimming and gardening. Physical activity requires to fun and enjoyable so that you will avoid the risk of getting injured since trying too hard with all the activities that you do in the gym. This website provides many health tips for maintaining your overall body.

Way To Improve Your General Health

Way To Improve Your General Health

Taking control of your health does not require being difficult or timing consuming. There are several easy ways and healthy habits you can integrate into your daily routine to help you lose weight and get in shape and prevent serious illness and de-stress. if you want more ways about how to improve your health just visit this website. Here are some important health tips to obtain better overall health.

 Snack smartly

If you are looking for easy ways to enhance your health, overhauling your snack is a good place to start. Healthy snacks must include protein and fiber. This will provide the fuel your body require to get throughout the day.

 Say no to sugary drinks
We all know soft drinks are not a healthy beverage choice, but fruit juices and sports drinks are also full of excess sugar. Water should be your main beverage of choice with soda or fruit juice considered a special treat. Sports drinks are only essential after high force workout enduring one hour or more.

 Eat the rainbow
For optimal health, it is suggested that you eat at least five services of fruits and vegetables per day. so it is vital to vary your alternatives. one simple way to make dietary changes to enhance your health is to challenge yourself to eat something from every color of the rainbow.

 Take care of yourself to new, smaller dishes
Salad plate for all your meals is the simplest way to automatically slim down your portions. Otherwise, you can spend on a special portion control plate with separate sections that show the ideal portions of protein, grains and fruit or vegetables.

Everything you Need to Know About Low Sodium Diet

November 28, 2019
Everything you Need to Know About Low Sodium Diet

Sodium is one of the most important minerals that perform lots of functions in the body and helps you to maintain proper health. Sodium is generally found in foods like vegetables and eggs and also considered as the main component of table salt. People who are facing issues like high blood pressure and kidney disease then it is beneficial for them to have a low sodium diet.

In order to avoid any health issues and risks, it is beneficial for you people to adopt the low sodium diet. There are lots of benefits of having a low sodium diet and you can easily explore internet sites like to gather more knowledge about the foods better for overall health.

What are the benefits of a low sodium diet

What are the benefits of a low sodium diet?

By following a low sodium diet on a regular basis, you can gain lots of health benefits and some of them are mentioned here:

Reduce blood pressure

A low sodium diet can help you to decrease the level of blood pressure in an effective manner. It is very important for people to change their diet plan and look for low sodium diet who are facing issues like high blood pressure.

Helps to reduce cancer risks

A high salt diet can lead to health issues like cancer and it can damage the mucosal lining of your stomach. In order to live a healthy and happy life, it is important for people to adopt a low sodium diet.

Improve diet quality

There is a high quantity of salt in unhealthy foods that is not healthy for you. So, low sodium diet contains the foods and beverages that are healthy for you and helps you to improve your diet quality in an effective manner.

Foods to avoid in low sodium diet

Foods to avoid in low sodium diet:

There are lots of foods that you need to avoid in a low sodium diet that contains fast food like fries, burgers, pizzas, salty snack foods, processed meat, frozen dinner salted and canned products, salty soups, cheese, and dairy products and high sodium foods and beverages. Though some of the vegetables and unprocessed meat contain very small amount of sodium.

Foods for low sodium diet

If you follow a certain low sodium diet then it is very important for you to choose the foods that have a low amount of sodium or they contain limited amount of the added salt. There are lots of food that you can contain in your low sodium diet that contains green vegetables, peppers, apple, berries, pears, bananas, beans and grains, starchy vegetables, fresh fish, eggs, healthy fats, fresh meat, low sodium soups, unsalted nuts and seeds, low sodium snack foods and low sodium beverages.

Many of the healthcare professionals also recommend the low sodium diet to treat several health conditions like heart diseases and high blood pressure. Sodium is mostly concentrated in processed and junk food and if you are on the low sodium diet then it is beneficial for you to browse the like and enjoy better health.

How Do I Fix A Leaking Rook In The Winter

November 27, 2019
How Do I Fix A Leaking Rook In The Winter

A roof cover is an important one for every homeowner. The roofing system is composed of various apparatus; the roof covering is the most visual part of the entire home and makes up the majority of waterproofing and protection. There are dissimilar types of roof covering accessible all over the globe. Choosing the perfect roof covering is one of the most essential factors of obtaining your roof redone. If you want more information about roof repair, just visit website.

How do I know which roof covering to select

How do I know which roof covering to select?

Nowadays, there are so many roof coverings that are obtainable; it is hard to know where to get started. There are various different features in selecting a roof covering including aesthetic appeal, what type of home you possess, and what type of weather you face in your region, your annual mean temperatures, even what your HOA will let in your area. if you want the best possible roof covering for your home, it is best to meet with a certified and reputable roofing company or contractor. They can show you all of the choices for your specific roof and know what does and does not work in your area or for a unique home structure. site will also give you advice for your roof repair problem.

How To Avoid A Leaking Roof In Winter

How To Avoid A Leaking Roof In Winter?

During winter months, you are not only faced with several feet of snow but also you may feel roof leaking. While there are several causes for winter weather rook leaks, but the main reason are ice dams. Snow build-up and ice can create a constant roof leak. These leaks can lead to mold development and water damage in other pieces of your home that will result in even the most expensive repairs. This webpage gives guidelines for roof leaking services. Here are some warning signs that something is wrong with your roof, and many of them have quick and reasonable fixes.

 Dripping water: This may look noticeable, but most people overlook small leaks, which can result in thousands of dollars in damage. If there is mildew, mold, twisted wood or stained insulation in your house near the roof, you may want to take a closer look.

 Ice dams: The main cause of roof leak is ice dams. if your roof is poorly insulated and lacks proper ventilation, warm temperatures in your upper floor can cause strengthening and the snow on your roof to melt and build up in your gutters causing ice dams. These water trapping ice formations will soak through your shingles and drench your roof structure if they go unchecked. They are caused by warmer temperatures on higher parts of the roofs and cold temperatures on lower parts.

 Icicles: Even though they are beautiful, they can also be tedious. If they fall on a person or on a pet, they can cause damage. They are frequently a product of gutters and can finally cause leaks. Their weights can also a reason for roof and gutter damage.

 Condensation: This is a fine warring sign, but expert contractors will tell you that means you may have an indecently ventilated upper floor. If condensation in your upper floor, your ventilation system possibly requires attention.

How do I Turn up the Volume on my Smartwatch?

November 26, 2019
How do I Turn up the Volume on my Smartwatch

As you know, people are using smartwatches to make or receive calls, listen to music and fitness tracking. If you also have a smartwatch, you will need to know about all its features and the settings. For the new users, it may not be easy to understand all the settings and features of the smartwatches. When we talk about some of the most used settings on your smartwatch, you will need to control its volume as per your convenience.

Whether you are going to use it to control the music of your smartphone or you are controlling the volume in calls, you will need the information to turn up or down the volume on your smartwatch. if you are also looking for some help about this setting, you will get more info here. there you are smartwatch will have a speaker or you can use a Bluetooth handset with it. In both cases, you will need to know about the settings to control the volume.

How can you change the volume on your smartwatch

How can you change the volume on your smartwatch?

If you also want to use your smartwatch to answer the calls or listen to music, you will be able to control its volume in the following ways:

 First of all, wake up your smartwatch and swipe down to find Settings.

 In the menu, you will click Settings.

 After that, you will click Sound > Sound and notifications.

 In the option, you will find the settings:

  • o Media volume: You can change the volume of sounds and music in this section.
  • o Alarm volume: You can change the loudness of alarm of your watch here.
  • o Ring volume: It is Setting to change the volume of the ringtone of your smartwatch.

 In all these three options, you can drag the slider and can adjust the volume as per your choice.

How to change the volume on Apple smartwatch

How to change the volume on Apple smartwatch?

If you are using Apple smartwatch, you will be able to change the settings in the following ways:

 First of all, you will need to click the option of Settings from the menu of your watch.

 After that, you will find the option of “Sound & Haptics” after scrolling down.

 You will be able to adjust the level of volume in the setting.

 You can also choose the option of mute to turn off the volume of all alerts.

If you want to adjust the volume of your Apple smartwatch from your phone, you can do it in the same way by going to the settings > Sound & Haptics in your connected phone. After that, you will be able to change the alert volume of the smartwatch from your smartphone.

These are the methods to change the volume of your smartwatch as per your choice. You can also get more info about all the settings here. If you have a smartwatch with an inbuilt speaker, you will be able to listen to music and get other sounds like alarm and calls directly in your smartwatch.


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