21-9-2021 (5 info kw)

The heat from the sun is one of the most basic and efficient ways to recharge your RV air conditioning system. You can also use a solar panel or battery charger to bring power back to your AC unit. In order for any charging method, including sunlight, to work you need a power source on […]

Family Vacation to PEI National Park

Prince Edward Island National Park is the lone national park in Canada’s smallest province. But a visit to this protected, ocean side park delivers unequaled views, vibrant red sands, and a taste of the charming setting for the Anne of Green Gables books. The park stretches for 40 km (25 miles) along the northern coast

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Bosnia Tourist Destination

Other than the disastrous way it isolated from Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina has for quite some time been — and it still remains — a surprising spot, with toughly delightful landscape, a special blend of societies and beliefs, kind and inviting individuals who take pride on themselves for their hospitality, and probably the most charming touring in

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