Stop Dieting if You Want to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Stop Dieting if You Want to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Weight-loss has become a buzz phrase in today’s calorie-obsessed culture. Millions of people are dieting and waiting to achieve results in their weight loss goals. But, why is it that so few people are successful in shedding unwanted pounds and keeping them off? It’s simple, as most health and weight experts agree today; diets do not produce lasting weight loss results, read more here. But why is this you may ask? Because, by definition, diets are supposed to only last a short period of time. A true change in lifestyle is needed in order to achieve lasting weight loss results.

Lose Weight and Keep it Off

There are 10 simple ways to lose weight and keep it off and all of them start with the letter “P.”

1. Place your sights on your goals- how much is it you want to lose: 10, 20. pounds? Keeping a goal in mind can save you from the sense that your labor and sacrifice is useless.

2. Practice your skills- most people know how to lose weight: diet and exercise. Put those skills to practice, even when you get discouraged.

3. Put unhealthy attitudes to the side- don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake by skipping a day of exercise or eating something you know you shouldn’t have, let the past be the past and move on.

4. Place healthy people around you- make sure you have friends who want to help you change your life for the better and not hinder your success.

5. Prepare ahead of time- are you eating out? Do a little research; find out what healthy selections the restaurant has to offer. You might be surprised how tasty low-calorie foods can be.

6. Proportion yourself- in most cases, people only gain weight because they eat more calories than they burn. If you burn more calories than you eat, you won’t gain weight.

7. Pace yourself-weight loss is a journey. It may take months if not years to achieve your goal weight, don’t rush.

8. Pen your food- keep a food journal. Sometimes writing down what you eat on a daily basis will help you make smarter food choices.

people struggle to lose more weight

9. Beware the plateau- oftentimes, people struggle to lose more weight after the first few pound are shed, this is normal. Don’t give up, keep doing what you’re doing, it will work.

10. Promise yourself that your change is permanent. Don’t give yourself an excuse to back out.