Lose Weight

Lose Weight: Skip Supper

As a rule, you likely eat three meals, maybe even more, per day. Breakfast, of course, is the most important meal of the day, and you need lunch to keep up your energy, but do you really need supper? Yes, you do need some type of nourishment to keep your metabolism from slowing down. However, a full meal might just be too much because your activity level likely slows down toward the end of the day,Read this for more information about lose weight right now.

Less activity means less calories burned, so you surely don’t want to take in more calories during a time of decreased usage. Too, eating supper can cause indigestion (and all that goes with it), and take away from a restful night’s sleep. So, why not avoid indigestion, improve your sleep time, and cut your calorie intake by replacing supper with one of the following items to help satisfy your appetite:

Virgin Bloody Mary

Virgin Bloody Mary. Lose weight by drinking a Virgin Bloody Mary. Who says that you have to have liquor to enjoy this drink? Save the calories by leaving out the liquor and drink up. Be sure to take the time to make a true Bloody Mary. The spices are what make this drink a real treat. Don’t drink three or four or you’ll defeat your purpose of replacing your supper.

Club Soda on ice. Why not lose weight and settle your stomach and your heart burn with a tall glass of Club Soda on ice? You can even drink it at room temperature for a treat. This drink helps fill you up and clear up your heart burn issues. You’ll go to bed with a satisfied feeling and sleep like a baby. The good news is that this drink doesn’t have a lot of calories, so less calories means you lose weight, right?

Steamy broth. Lose weight by drinking up a large cup or two of steamy broth. You can choose from chicken, beef, or vegetable broth. Whichever one you choose will help you overcome your supper cravings and will even help you sleep more soundly because a warm drink helps soothe the stomach. This drink is a light one, so you can help yourself to more than one cup.

Warm Jello drink. Lose weight by treating yourself to a warm cup of liquid Jello. Make sure you choose the sugar-free Jello, though, or you’ll defeat your purpose of cutting calories. The Jello will taste great going down and works quickly to fill up your stomach, meaning that you’ll have less of a craving for food. You might even sleep better, too.

Lipton Onion Soup. Lose weight by helping yourself to a giant mug of Lipton Onion Soup. This soup is a broth-based soup and works much like a broth does in the way of satisfying your stomach. Lipton Onion Soup has lots of dehydrated onion bits in it, though, so this provides you with a bit of crunch to help satisfy your chewing need. This soup might even help you with gas on your stomach.