Living with Toenail Fungus

Living with Toenail Fungus

I love flip-flops, sandals, and going barefoot. However, my feet just are not equipped for it. Ever since I was very small, I have had trouble with my toenails. It all began with ingrown toenails. They soon lead me to the point where I had surgery on both of my big toes. On one foot, I had the nerves in both sides of my nail deadened. My nail now only grows in the middle. On the other foot, I had this procedure done to only one side of my toenail nail. Either way, my big toe toenails look odd. They seem small and not ‘normal’.

Toenail Fungus

Unfortunately I believe that I inherited this trait from my father and now my daughter has toenails just like mine. It is a terrible family curse!

After the episode with ingrown toenails, I then suffered from toenail fungus. My toenails are thick, discolored, and rough. Most medications in the form of ointments or liquids are a waste of time. I have not tried pills yet due to either being pregnant at the time or cost of the prescription.

Summers have been almost torture at times. I find myself sitting in church with my cute, stylish sandals trying to cover up so no one can see my toenails. The beaches and swimming pools are even worse. Off course I keep them painted all of the time, but my toenails are obviously tampered with.

I have now come to desperation of putting on fake toenails. My foot doctor has offered to completely remove one of my toenails. I am not certain if I am ready for this procedure. I also do not know how it will make my toe look.

I have found that keeping my toes moisturized helps some. My nails look better if I use lotion on my toes and around my toenails. I then give them a fresh coat of polish. However, nothing can replace the feeling of gluing on the fake toenails and looking down at beautiful manicured feet and nails, get more info.

beach and I kept spare toenails

We recently visited the beach and I kept spare toenails with me at all times. If one nail were to fall off, I was prepared to glue on another one before anyone new that me toenails were not real.

Living with toenail troubles can be very emotional and stressful, especially if you love to show your feet the way that I do.