Sleeves and Leg Warmers

DIY Rave Girl: Sleeves and Leg Warmers

You can make awesome DIY rave girl clothing easily and inexpensively. Rave girl clothing is a lot of fun. It is bright and colorful. Rave girl clothing has fun patterns and textures. Making your own rave clothing will guarantee its uniqueness and make it extra special. This article will provide you with detailed instruction on DIY rave girl clothing.

Arm Warmers

Arm Warmers

Arm warmers or sleeves are a common rave girl clothing item, and they are easy to make. For this DIY project you will need stretchy fabric, scissors, needle and thread. You will also need a pen or chalk to measure your arm on the fabric.

Start by holding the edge of the fabric to your arm and wrapping it around it. Pinch the fabric so it is snug and take off your arm. Do not let go of the spot. Use the chalk to mark the fabric where your finger is.

Then measure the length of the sleeve you will be making by resting it against your arm. Make sure you cut the length of the fabric about 2 inches longer than the desired length of the sleeve. Cut the fabric according to the length and width.

Now fold the edge of the shorter side of the fabric over twice. Sew this section with a straight stitch. You can also use hemming tape if you are not confident in your sewing skills, go here now. Then fold the sleeve so the outside is facing inward and sew the final edge together to make the sleeve wearable.



Another rave girl clothing item is fuzzy legwarmers. These are made easily using furry fabric, scissors, and elastic. Start by wrapping the fabric around your leg cut the fabric to the right length and width. Make sure to measure just below your knee.

Then cut the elastic so it fits snugly around the top of the calf. Sew or tie the elastic to make a circle. Then sew the long edge of the fabric to make a tube for your leg. Then place the elastic over the fabric and fold the edge of the fabric down towards the inside. Fold the fabric over the elastic and sew the edge to keep the elastic in place. Fold the bottom edge of the fabric towards the inside and sew that in place as well. You DIY rave girl clothing item is ready to wear.

DIY rave girl clothing is a great way to stand out in a crown. These DIY projects will help you make your own rave girl clothing and be one of a kind.