How to Clean Earmolds and Earwax Out of Earbuds

If you’ve ever wondered how to clean earmolds, you’re not alone. The same holds true for earbuds, wires, and ear tips. You may want to try antibacterial soap and warm water, or even hand soap or liquid detergent. Dip a soft cotton or microfiber cloth into the solution, then wring it out until it’s no […]

Software Quality Assurance

What is Software Quality Assurance? Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a Software Engineering process to ensure that the software product conforms to the specifications and functions as per the design. SQA spans through all the phases of Software Development and through the entire life of the software. Members of the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) team

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Wristwatch Review

Long, long ago, when digital watches were new to our planet, the calculator watch was a stunning technical achievement. Now, it’s a fondly nostalgic timepiece for retro nerds. Of course, when I walked into my apartment wearing the Casio Classic Calculator and Calendar Watch, I soon found out that not everyone is nostalgic about it.

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