Some Good DVDs for Attention Deficit Disorder

Some Good DVDs for Attention Deficit Disorder

One powerful tool that ADHD sufferers are using to learn how to cope with their condition is DVDs. There are quite a few DVDs for attention deficit disorder currently on the market. These DVDs give tips, advice, and tools to help people living with ADHD better adapt their lifestyle to one that works best for them. Most ADHD DVDs focus on learning more about the disorder and providing the viewer with coping mechanisms.

A New Look at ADHD

Russell A. Barkely, Ph.D, creates one of the most popular DVDs for attention deficit disorder. Barkely is a research professor of psychiatry that specializes in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. He has several DVDs for ADHD that help people better understand the illness. His most popular DVD is titled A New Look at ADHD. The DVD examines common problems that ADHD sufferers encounter.

Many sufferers have problems that interfere with their ability to excel academically. Barkely believes that ADHD is not just an attention disorder but also a self-regulation disorder and explains his theory in A New Look at ADHD. Various theories as to why people suffer from the disorder exist. As a leading investigator on the condition, the research professor provides more theories and possible answers with his DVD collection.

Working With Children With ADHD

A DVD advocated by the American Psychological Association is Working With Children With ADHD. The DVD was created by Vincent J. Monastra, PhD, and is a valuable tool for individuals who want to learn how to help a child with ADHD better cope with his condition.

The DVD is a training tool for mental health professionals, but can also be useful to parents and educators looking for a good DVD that examines the condition. Working With Children With ADHD gives advice based on the treatment protocols that many physicians have been trained to use. It explains a neuropsychiatric model for assessing and treating ADHD sufferers.

Dealing With ADHD: Attention Defiicit/Hyperactiivty Disorder DVD

Dealing With ADHD

ADHD teens and students also need resourceful DVDs that can help them better understand their condition so that they can manage it effectively. One such DVD is titled Dealing With ADHD: Attention Defiicit/Hyperactiivty Disorder DVD. The Educational Video Network created the DVD in 2005. In the DVD, individuals can learn what factors contribute to their disorder. Common disorders that coexist with ADHD and ADD are also examined. Furthermore, ADHD sufferers are given tips that will help them better cope with ADHD and succeed academically.

ADHD DVDs provide a strong visual aid for sufferers to better learn about their disorder and discover new tools. These are also extremely useful for caregivers and educators who are unsure of how to deal with an ADHD sufferer.