Lose the Winter Weight by Hiking in Ventura County

Lose the Winter Weight by Hiking in Ventura County

Are you looking for an exciting way to shed the rainy day blubber that has made itself at home around your midsection? Hiking is strenuous exercise that the whole family can enjoy together. With mountainous terrain and ocean views, Ventura County is home to dozens of picture perfect day hikes and spring is the best time to enjoy them, check more details here.

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Sulphur Mountain Road, in Casitas Springs, CA, is a multi use fire road that begins with a healthy incline shaded by a canopy of old oaks. The trail mellows at the 1.5 mile mark and the views begin. Rolling chaparral terrain covered in native grasses and wildflowers greet the hearty souls that visit this treasure. The 3 mile mark provides a view of Oak View into the Ojai Valley and Lake Casitas. Sulfur Mountain Road is 9 miles long and climbs 2000′ to the top. You will encounter equestrians, mountain bikers, cows, and other wildlife on this trail. Nearby trails include Cozy Dell, Gridley Trail, and many other Ojai backcountry routes.

A unique hiking opportunity exists within Ventura’s city limits at Arroyo Verde Park. Nestled in Ventura’s foothills, this beautiful park is host to a few miles of trails open to hikers only. A few short minutes after exiting the car and hitting the trail you will be greeted by serene ocean and city views making this a family favorite. There are steep sections but they are short in length and always worth the next view. Dogs are also welcome to tackle the terrain here.

The queen of all Ventura County day hikes is Sycamore Canyon in Point Mugu State Park. Located along the Pacific coast and accessible from Newbury Park, CA, this gorgeous hiking opportunity should not be missed. Dramatic ocean vistas, wildlife, hikers, bikers, equestrians, and families can all be found here enjoying the outdoors. Sycamore Canyon Road runs the length of the canyon and is an excellent choice for a good walk. The numerous trails branching off of Sycamore Canyon Road can challenge anyone with their length and steepness. Trails cross paths often creating opportunities for an all day hiking adventure. It is also very difficult to get lost here making it a rookie hiker favorite. Nearby hiking opportunities include La Jolla Canyon and Wildwood Park.

Hiking in Ventura County

Hiking is a great way to catch up with an old friend or re-connect with family members while burning off those last few winter pounds. Ventura County’s day hikes should be experienced in spring to fully appreciate the natural beauty of this area without the extreme summer heat.

What are you waiting for? Take a hike!