How to Download Cracked Games for Pc?

How to Download Cracked Games for PC?

There is a new era of games. We have reached the era of games that are not just fun but have depth and complexity in them. Cracked games are dedicated to finding the most interesting games, so you can enjoy great gaming with your friends.

Steps for Downloading Cracked Pc Games

Steps for Downloading Cracked Pc Games

If your game is free for download and you want to play on the cracked version, follow these steps:

1. Select the Game First

If the game is free for download, you will see it at the top of our new games page. If not, scroll down to find it.

2. Copy your game install KEY

Most disc-based CODES require you to read some Words from the Man Himself or trust some dude on steam with your PC. Not us! After downloading the game crack yourself, right-click it, and copy the default key from there. The best way is to paste KEY in a notepad before the game’s loading starts. If you cannot paste the key, or it does not show up in the game, look for help from your friend on the internet¬† I told you we will make a full tool to view and download ALL cracked games such as crack mod pcs).

3. Go to the Site and Download It

Download PC Games

Now you have a crack in hand, Do a simple copy and paste into your browser. Note: if the site says Windows is not installed properly, it will pause during downloading, just ignore it. Do NOT keep clicking next after one point when there are only 15-3 seconds left to save the key or cease copying the key till 20 seconds. Browse around here to find out useful content about cracked games.

4. Copy Keys & install

Now you have the key, copy it from your browser screen and paste it into notepad. Now open cmd or bin folder as an admin, in C:/windows/system32. Run “chkdsk /r” to Check Disk (if windows are clean). Obtain a window back-up of important files that go over 30 days old which will never be overwritten if some type is written by you after deleting files temporarily. The usual file can be found in C:\users\username and it might start out with 0 bytes. Dubloct is worth saving if you want to save any games, make a note of the date and time of this windows backup (might come in handy someday).

5. Go back

Now we will shut down windows properly (Good thing you save cmd window list by taking another script screen list before shutting down), and restart emulating. Press alt-ctrl ESC (or whatever the letter key is for settings) and right-click on your processes window then properties. You can choose to either go into advanced or prompt, these matters little, just at the bottom ask set affinity mode by yourself. You must do it first since some programs are only single tasked and will stay original there all time.


Using the steps above, you will be able to emulate Windows with the help of a tool that allows you to do so. The process is not hard and it is not dangerous if done properly. You can make your system as original as possible or use any other tools for modifying windows features to achieve your goal.