Can I Book A Flight Ticket Without Paying

Can I Book A Flight Ticket Without Paying?

Visa application is really a very tedious and long process. You will have to meet a lot of compulsory papers and specifications during the application phase, depending on the nation you are visiting. While UK visas, Schengen visas or US visas tend to be harder to acquire, nearly all visas involve the same quantity of attention. In all the cases, one thing which will never escape is the list of requirements is the flight ticket or flight itinerary for the round trip as it is the documents which assure that the travel arrangements have been made by you for the journey.

Reserve a Flight

Reserve a Flight

You can actually reserve a flight without paying for the ticket. Through your online visa agency or travel agent, you can get the confirmed flight itinerary for the visa application. It is advisable that you should get the flight itinerary through these agencies only as they have association and information with a lot of airline companies which gives you the cheaper options in the flight which you may not get elsewhere. Moreover, the flight reservation can also be done without any payment.

3 easy steps to follow

3 easy steps to follow

If you are planning to get your flight itinerary through the visa reservation then following are the three steps which must be followed by you for booking :-

  1. First visit the Visa Reservation website for choosing the right package.
  2. The travel details must be submitted by you and the payment can be made online.
  3. Then in email you will receive the flight itinerary.

Once these three steps have been completed, you will receive an email within a certain amount of time, which contains all the flight data. You can simply get this email printed and send it with the rest of your visa demands. The greatest advantage of having a flight itinerary is that once you have reserved a package, you can also take advantage of 24-hour support and other specific aid for all your visa applications. The cherry on the cake is that you only pay the service fee to book the booking without purchasing the flight ticket

Why you should opt for flight itinerary

Why you should opt for flight itinerary?

• While there’s an alternative to get the real flight ticket, this option is certainly a dangerous bet as you’re uncertain of many factors, including if you’re going to get visa permission, whether there will be delay in the visa approval for some reason, or whether you’re going to have a tentative timetable for the trip.

• Because of the increased levels of visa denials to their nation, embassies themselves do not suggest receiving a flight ticket before obtaining your visa permission in many instances. There is also a high likelihood of delay in the visa. In either case, if you have to reschedule or cancel your journey, the cash you lose is enormous.

• Even you have to postpone your trip or cancel it because of the delay in getting the visa approval; a lot of airlines have very strict policy of ‘no refund’.

So definitely you must submit your flight itinerary for the visa application.