Ideas for Creating Furniture from Recycled Items

Ideas for Creating Furniture from Recycled Items

A-Z Home Design: Recycle

Have you ever seen furniture made from cardboard? What about a bench made from stacks of books? While it might sound crazy, it can actually be quite attractive. Whether you are in need of furniture in a pinch, or want to exercise your creativity to make your furniture from recycled items, here are some ideas you can try.

A-Z Home Design Recycle

Drum set tables: Are you in need of side tables or a coffee table and have an old drum set in the garage. Get that old set out and clean it well. Purchase glass toppers from the home and garden or craft center. Then lay the large base drum on its side and add a glass topper for a coffee table. Stack the smaller drums in sets of two, top those with glass as well, and use them for side tables.

Doors make great desks and tables. If you ever find you are short of a table, just look for an old salvage door and add legs. If you want a formal dining table, look for an ornate door and add a glass top. If you want a coffee table, use shorter legs.

Shutters and old windows as wall hangings: Are your walls looking a little plain, but you have old shutters and discarded winters cluttering your attic space? Learn to see those old worn pieces in a different way. Paint the old shutters in a distressed finish and use them on the wall. (I like to display greeting cards on mine). Paint pictures on the glass panes of old windows and hang them on the wall as works of art.

Turn kitchen tiles into patio tables: What is probably my most favorite piece of furniture in my house are my patio side tables. I found wrought iron hanging file folders for pennies on sale, and after examining them realized that they are the same size as some ceramic tiles I had. I used a strong epoxy glue to attach the tiles to the top of the metal frames and we now have beautiful unique occasional tables that have survived the elements for years.

Cardboard box furniture: Can you really make cardboard furniture made from shipping boxes? While I have not attempted this myself, I came across a website where a young man made an apartment full of furniture from shipping boxes. They were actually quite sturdy and served him well. I recommend using slipcovers. In a related story, this mouse pad sofa could be cool in a basement recreation room.