How to Make a Mini Heater at Home

How to Make a Mini Heater at Home

Using fire-resistant rocks, terracotta flower pots, and a Penny alcohol stove, you can easily create your own miniature heater at home. Then, simply plug it in. Allow five to ten minutes for the coil to heat up, and the fan will transfer the heat from the coil to the cool air inside. You can even add a tea candle to warm it up further. Here’s how:

Fire-resistant rocks

Fire-resistant rocks

To make a fire, you’ll need a container that’s heat-resistant, and a container that can be used to burn the rocks. Fire-resistant rocks, such as lava rocks, are a good choice because they radiate heat better than larger ones. You can even use fire glass, a material that contains glass fragments that add atmosphere and light to your fire. The small glass fragments will create a dazzling light show.

Terracotta flowerpots

If you’re thinking of using a candle to heat a room, you may wonder how to create a mini heater out of Terracotta flowerpots. The terracotta pots’ walls absorb the heat from a candle, and then this heat transfers into the room. It’s not as hot as a convection oven, but the flame will produce enough heat to make a room more comfortable, continue to read here.

Penny alcohol stove

This simple stove is made of two metal cans that fit together. The base can is soaked with denatured alcohol, while the other can is used as the fuel cup. Pour the fuel into the bowl, and place the penny on top. Once lit, the penny will ignite and give off a blue flame through its 16 holes. To use the stove, you must follow certain safety measures. You may also want to use a stand to hold your cookware.

Tea candles

mini heater using tea candles

To create a mini heater using tea candles, you will need at least two pots and some kind of base to set it up on. The minimum number of layers is two, but you can upgrade it by adding more layers if you want. Place a candle in the space under the pots so that it will warm up the central bolt. You can also add a quarter to the bottom of the pot to cover the drain hole.


This article will show you how to make a small heater using Terracotta pots. Before you begin, you need to gather your materials. For the larger set-up, you will need three pots of the same diameter. If you have a smaller space, you will need two pots of the same diameter. The terracotta pots should have drainage holes. You will also need a metal or plastic threaded rod to attach a candle.