How GB Whatsapp Messaging Is Different From Texting

How GB Whatsapp Messaging Is Different From Texting

The GB Whatsapp messaging app is becoming more and more popular because of its focus on the user’s privacy. Unlike most text messages, GB Whatsapp does not save any data about your conversation history or store it in the cloud. A big difference between texting and GB Whatsapp is how you are notified when a new message arrives. With regular texts, you are alerted with noise or vibration; however, GB Whatsapp users, get an alert that pops up on their screen even if their phone is locked!

As you can see, GB Whatsapp messaging differs from simply texting. This article will explore the features and benefits of this popular app!

What is GB Whatsapp Message?

What is GB Whatsapp Message

GB Whatsapp is a messaging app you can send and receive messages from your mobile device. Simply you just select the contact you want to message and type your text message. GB Whatsapp doesn’t charge for any messaging service, so it is free on all major mobile devices.

What is Text Messaging

Text messaging is used via mobile network as a communication today. And it takes the sms credit or deduct phone balance according to the network rate. Main Part is it does not need internet for using.

How GB Whatsapp is working?

It is a mobile phone application that allows instant messaging over the Internet, and it has over million active users each month. The app only works on your smartphone, so you can’t use GB Whatsapp from any other device like a computer or tablet.

On the other hand, a text message is written, the recipient will get it in the order that they were written. Texting on mobile phones has become the better way to communicate, and it is much more convenient than earlier modes of communication. Texting can be done from anywhere, anytime you want as long as the other person has internet access to read your message.

What Devices Does it Allow?

GB Whatsapp is available for android and apple mobile devices running on their respective operating systems. Apple mobile devices using iOS use GB Whatsapp Messenger as it is the default messaging app that comes preloaded with recent updates, whereas android users can download an apk from the Google Play store for free off of GB Whatsapp website.

A text messaging system is to allow for all types of cell phones, smartphones, and tablets to be able to text message. GB Whatsapp is a messaging app that works on smartphones where the main function of GB Whatsapp allows users to send texts, pictures, and video messages as well as voice notes or calls without having an internet connection available.

Is GB Whatsapp Is Better Than Text Messaging?

Definitely, GB Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and works seamlessly across all smart mobile devices. You can do it both privately with a group or with individual friends and even choose different emojis for your messages.

Is GB Whatsapp Is Better Than Text Messaging

Texts are limited in how many characters per text can be sent, so sometimes you could have said so much more had you not been limited to 140 characters. It also doesn’t allow for any kind of privacy or attachments such as photos or videos like Facebook Messenger does, which is frustrating at times if you want to send those kinds of things to someone who doesn’t use social media as much as themselves.


GB Whatsapp and texting are both different ways to communicate with your friends. But while text messages disappear after a few days, GB Whatsapp is more permanent.