How Do You Make Your Own LED Neon Signs

How Do You Make Your Own LED Neon Signs?

LED signs are a great way to make your business stand out from the crowd. They also have the potential to increase sales and save you money on advertising costs. There are many reasons why LED signs have become so popular, but one of the most significant is that they can be made at home without any special skills or tools. The following article will outline how to build an LED neon sign from scratch using readily available materials and equipment.

What are LED Neon Signs?

What are LED Neon Signs

LED neon signs are a sign that is made up of an outdoor or indoor scrolling LED message. This message is displayed with the help of an inverter, which converts DC power to AC power. LED neon signs come in a variety of styles and sizes. They’re available as a finished product or a kit. Kits provide the user the opportunity to customize their neon sign by adding text and logos to create signage for any occasion or event.

What Materials Are Required To Make LED Neon Signs?

What Materials Are Required To Make LED Neon Signs

LEDs are the main component to make a neon sign. Other materials include soldering wires or clips, heat shrink tubing for protection of LED joints and wire connections, solder to connect wires for light fixture power connections, and electrical tape.

The next thing you will need is a case, which can be purchased from your local hardware store or online. This is what the finished neon sign will sit in.

Finally, you’ll need a power supply which plugs into an outlet or AC/DC adapter with a USB plug to power some of the smaller signs like the one pictured above. Solder on the appropriate electrical connections for your power supply that align with your connection preferences.

Steps for Making an LED Neon Sign

There are three basic steps to make an LED Neon sign.

1. Start by buying the LED sign kit and don’t forget to buy a power supply.

2. Assemble the parts of your electronics before you start soldering; this is very important and may save you from having a hard time later on in the process.

3. The third step is setting up your LEDs, which should be noted that they can be either arranged in parallel or series, but it’s important to know how much voltage the power supply can handle for that specific number of LEDs you have before doing this step because too many can overwork your power supply and cause it not to work properly anymore.

Once you have done all of these, then the last step is to just sit back and enjoy your new LED Neon signs because it should be glowing and looking awesome.

Tips for Maintenance LED Neon Sign

Tip 1: To make LED neon signs work, it is vital that you connect the power cables to a power strip. Plug in both ends of the cable and then plug the power strip into an electric outlet. The next step is to turn on the power by flipping the switch from “off” to “on.”

Tip 2: Keep your cabinet clean in order to avoid any troubleshooting problems with your sign.

Tip 3: If there is an issue with your sign, diagnose the problem using diagnostic tools (meter, capacitor tester).

Tip 4: If your sign is still not working, then you may need to replace blown fuses.


Neon sign kits are a great way to add some color and excitement into your home or business decor. A neon sign kit is easy to put together all you need is patience and creativity.