5 Reasons to Choose Infrared Heating

5 Reasons to Choose Infrared Heating

Infrared heating is one of the most effective and efficient ways to heat a space. It has a number of benefits and can be used for a variety of different projects.

Traditional heating systems use convection to heat the air in a room. This means hot air rises to the top of a room, dislodging dust and other allergens in the process.

1. Efficient

Infrared heating is a lot more efficient than other types of space heating solutions. This is because it directly heats the objects and people in a room without heating the air first.

It is also a very quick method to warm up a room. It only takes 3-5 minutes for it to get up to full heat intensity, which is much quicker than convection systems that take longer to warm a room.

Infrared heaters are a great option for homeowners who have draughty homes or are prone to damp problems. Because they don’t use air to transfer their heat, they won’t cause pockets of cold air to form in the room that then lead to mould or damp problems.

2. Versatile

Unlike radiators that must be mounted on the floor, infrared panels are available in many different sizes, and can be fitted anywhere on walls or ceilings. They also look great, with sleek modern designs that can be customised to fit in perfectly with your home’s interior design scheme.

The versatility of infrared heaters makes them a great choice for homes and businesses, not just in the UK but all around the world. They’re especially useful in areas that need to maintain high levels of temperature, such as garages, warehouses and airplane hangars.

3. Low Noise

Infrared heating doesn’t rely on fans or blowers to circulate the heated air. This means they make a lot less noise than convection heaters and are ideal for bedrooms and office spaces.

This is a huge advantage since many people are sensitive to noise pollution. It is especially important to think about the sound level of a space heater when choosing one for your home or business.

Infrared heating has a variety of advantages that make it an excellent choice for many homes and businesses. Some of these include energy efficiency, quiet operation and ease of maintenance.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Infrared heating is one of the few truly eco-friendly ways to heat your home. Not only does it not produce any greenhouse gases, but it doesn’t burn oxygen or pollute the air with carbon monoxide.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, infrared heating also has many other benefits. For example, it will keep your house a lot warmer and will help to prevent the growth of mould and dampness.

Another benefit is that it will not agitate the air, which means your family will have less allergy symptoms. This is because infrared heater do not circulate dusty air around the room.

5. Safe

Infrared heating is safe to use, especially if you follow proper safety precautions. This includes not using it on a power strip or extension cord, and making sure it’s grounded.

In addition, most infrared heaters come with different modes to protect the appliance and your circuit from overloading. This can help prevent fires and carbon monoxide leaks.


However, it’s important to note that prolonged exposure to infrared heat can cause skin burns. If you’re worried about this, choose a model that has a cool-to-touch exterior.