What to Do In San Francisco

What to Do In San Francisco

San Francisco acts as an important hub, the heart of the financial in northern California, cultural, and commercial. It considers as 13th populate in the U.S and its place shot to the part of fame in the year 1849 as the home of the Californian Gold Rush. It filled with a number of the top class to low budget restaurant and hotel so it acts as a friendly place people to spend time. On the other hand, you can do major things without meeting any trouble with it, look at this site.

Go Across the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden gate bridge is considered as one of the famous places to visit and it declared a number of updated and modern wonders in the part of the world. It is opened in the part of the 1937 which acts as the one of the biggest suspension bride ever made. This bridge is made with help of steel and length up to 1.7 miles so it considers as the one of the best-photographed bridge in the world. It has 6 lanes of traffic over the bridge and carrying of a passenger in every year.

Visit Fisherman’s Wharf:

Fisherman’s Wharf is considered as one of the important places where you can explore a lot of people and it brings a number of travelers from the various places of worlds. In this place, people can explore some delicious food items and also enjoy the new and amazing dining experience in the worlds. In the place, you can find out a lot of the fresh standing Dungeness crab and lot of restaurant who selling the fish from which are caught on the same day so it assures to have a real taste at every time.

Golden Gate Park:

Golden Gate Park

By every year around 13 million visitors explore in the Golden Gate Park which is located in the center of the San Francis’s a. it has picturesque space span up to 1017 acres and also the lot of the place to relax and spend time with friends and family. On the other hand, the visitors can find out lakes picnic areas and playground and gardens. In this park, they conduct a plethora of activities which bring a number of people to spend time and participated and win price. It is one of the best locations for the wedding and other special events to take photographs with the presence of the great scenery as a backdrop.

Alcatraz Island:

Alcatraz Island is a small and tiny island which was well developed as a military fortification, prison, and federal prison. It is one of the most federal prisons between the year 1933 and 1963. At present, this place is considered as a tourist attraction and a number of people spend their leisure time with real fin and activities.

Union Square:

It is considered as one of the most visited by family and then you can find out the massive collection of the high-end retail, café, art galleries, and very active nightlife. It is placed, to find out the number of live events with no risk and trouble of it.