What is the Difference Between a Jaw Crusher and a Cone Crusher

What is the Difference Between a Jaw Crusher and a Cone Crusher

When talking about the mining industry, heavy machines to cut down and break down large pieces of stones come to mind first. Along with the mining industry, there are some other uses also of such machines. Two very common machines in this field are jaw crusher and cone crusher. Today in this article, we will compare these two machines and see how efficient they both are in crushing the stones.

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a type of stone crusher. The main purpose of using this jaw crusher is to break the materials fed into small pieces. However, the crushed material or the output material is not so fine in this crusher. It is also known as the primary crusher where the input material is in large size. This jaw crusher is used in many different fields that is infrastructure, quarrying, recycling, constructing, mining and many other fields like these. Just like the great number of the field for use, many types of materials can be crushed in this jaw crusher. Some of the very common materials which are mostly crushed in this are pebble, marble, granite, rhyolite, and many others. The final product size in this Jaw crusher ranges between 125mm to 1500mm.


There are many types of jaw crushers whose final output may be different from each other and that is the reason people use them as per the requirement of the quality they want. Some of the very popular models of this jaw crusher are HD German Jaw crusher, PE series jaw crusher, CJ series jaw crusher, Mobile jaw crusher and some others.

Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is also a type of stone crusher but there are some differences in the final products obtained from it and in the mechanism to work. The size of this cone cruiser may vary according to the material you want to crush. This cone crusher is also known as a secondary crusher due to the size of the output material. The size which one can expect here is much smaller than the size of the products obtained in the jaw crusher and many of the time the same material is first crushed in the jaw crusher.

After crushing in the jaw crusher, the output of the material of the jaw crusher is crushed again in the cone crusher to get the finer form of the same material. That is the reason this cone crusher is also known as the secondary crusher. The size of the final product you may expect is between the range of 35 mm to 350 mm. This means the final product size is even finer than those of the product of jaw crusher. The cone can also crush almost all the materials which you can crush with the jaw crusher. The cone crusher can be used in many fields just like the jaw crusher. Some of the main fields where it got a great use are the mining industry, Rock cutting industry, real estate and in many other fields.

There are many varieties and models available of the cone crusher which you can choose as per your requirement. The name of some very popular cone crushers is Symons crusher, Mobile cone crusher, HP cone crusher, CS cone crusher, Spring comes crusher and some others.

Some other differences

The movement of the cone crusher is more than the Jaw crusher.

The efficiency of the cone crusher is higher than the jaw crusher.

The cost of maintenance and repair of cone crusher is very less as compared to the same for jaw crusher.