Lose Weight and Tone Up with the Small Stuff

Lose Weight and Tone Up with the Small Stuff

For some, dieting and exercising can seem next to impossible to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. Thoughts of getting up early to go to the gym, or spending the extra time it takes to figure out caloric intake, or shopping to buy all those diet foods can be discouraging.

For these, small steps are much easier to take, and can also be effective enough to make a big difference. Integrating small lifestyle changes can create exercise in daily life, and can also cut enough calories for someone to tone up and lose some weight, go to website.

Lose Weight

A tip passed along to my mother by a nurse, years ago, has helped me to integrate exercise into daily living in more ways than one. She said to exercise as you do housework, and that might be just enough to make the difference. It might not seem like much, but you may be surprised.

The UK’s Daily Mail reports that normal weekly housecleaning adds up to more of a workout than spending an hour a week at the gym, burning more than 50,000 calories annually. FitDay reports that washing dishes burns 160 calories, and vacuuming for 30 minutes is the same as 15 minutes of kickboxing at 90 calories.

Add exaggerated movements such as stretching with laundry tasks, vigorous vacuuming, weight lifting the milk jug, dancing through the dusting, and whatever you might think of throughout the regular events of the day, to burn even more calories. As with any exercise, just be sure to practice safe body movements.

Stretching and toning will come naturally with exercising during the daily chores. Once you make a regular practice of it, you will notice yourself feeling better and trimming down. You might then even like to take the next step and start a regular workout with a DVD or some other structured venue.

Lose Weight and Tone

Add to this a tip given to my dad by his doctor, also many years ago. He told him to forgo half and half in his coffee (20 calories per tablespoon, numerous tablespoons daily), butter on his toast (100 calories per tablespoon), and a few other small things to dump some fattening calories. He did, and he lost weight.

Another way to integrate manageable changes that will make a difference is to look at options when you want something to put in your mouth, and to think about your choices. Are you looking for the caffeine buzz from that 110 calorie cola, or would a 0 calorie glass of water quench your thirst? Does your sweet tooth need a whole candy bar, or would a bite size do the trick? Could lightly flavored popcorn replace those fattening chips?

In the end, the point is this. You don’t have to beat yourself up over not being able to adhere to some strict exotic regimen if that isn’t your thing. Be good to yourself and have fun with the daily stuff, and you, too, will see success… and you will feel good.