How to Make Ceramic Tiles Non-Slippery

How to Make Ceramic Tiles Non-Slippery?

Tiles give a classy look for the home. There are many types of tiles available in the market, among those ceramic tiles are considered as the best one because of its features. Ceramic tiles are made of clay and a few other components, providing it with a great water and stain resistance. They are very shiny, which wins the heart of onlookers. These are manmade tiles and have gained huge popularity over the past couple of decades. The use of these tiles has now expanded to floors, exteriors, and outdoors.

Ceramic tiles are available in almost all colors and shades. One can pick any color shade of their choice. Additionally, these tiles carry an anti-slippery feature that makes it a well-liked flooring option of thousands. Ceramic are installed in the floors, walls, ceiling, and tables. There are available glazed and unglazed options of ceramic floor tiles. These tiles create glossy flooring, which is unattainable through traditional floor laying methods. Hence, ceramic tiles are suitable for the flooring of any area of the house.

Advantages Of Ceramic Tiles:

Advantages Of Ceramic Tiles
  • One of the biggest advantages of using ceramic tiles in flooring is their range and scope of design, pattern, color, style.
  • Their unique and inspired designs can be easily created allowing for individual tastes to be easily catered for.
  • The tiles also last a considerable amount of time and should not need replacement in a lifetime.
  • Ceramic tiles are also easy to clean and are therefore low maintenance compared to other materials.
  • The durability of the ceramic tile is also a plus, as it can take a high degree of traffic without becoming worn.

Non-Slip Coating Products:

Ceramic tiles are quite easy to maintain. They require very little effort to clean. A mop and warm water must be used on them regularly to keep them looking fresh and bright. A mild detergent solution can be used on the tiled flooring and a little bit of scrubbing will help remove the odd stain. Ceramic tiles come in several finishes and one can get glazed or unglazed tiles. Glazed tile has the benefit of being more water-resistant than an unglazed. Glazed ceramic tile is easier to clean than an unglazed tile.

Any smooth surface can become slippery. It is important to make sure that the ceramic glazed tiles are non-spills. One of the major cons of the glazed ceramic tile is that it tends to be more slippery when it becomes wet. Ceramic usually have a glossy finish to attain a glamorous finish. The non-slip tiles will help to reduce the accidents and one can purchase ceramic glazed tiles with a rough and non-slip surface and we can install it. There are some best non-slip products are available for glazed ceramic tiles and the products include Traction Kote 400, slip doctor stone grip, Invisa tread, and many more. Most of these products will work best if we start with a clean surface.



One should clean the glazed ceramic tiles with detergent and hot water to reduce the slippery surface and should dry the surface well before using the product. It is always best to follow the safety precautions before starting this process. It is also highly preferable to apply these non-slips coating and to install the non-slip surfaces to frequented places like stairs to make sure maximum safety. Using these types of non-slip coating products will not affect the ceramic tiles rather it reduces the slippery nature of the tiles and it makes perfect for the elderly people and children to walk safely without slipping.