How to Make a Smartwatch

How to Make a Smartwatch?

Smartwatch is one of the most popular wearable gadgets that comes with a bunch of features for the users. At the present time, you will find different kinds of smartwatches from different brands in the market. However, you may not be able to afford one because of the high pricing of the smartwatches from the top brands. Do you know that you can make your own smartwatch as per your choice? You will be able to select your own design and the features that you will prefer in your smartwatch.

Do you want to make it look sleek and stylish? Do you want to add fitness features to your smartwatch? You may also want to make a hybrid watch where you can find all the advanced features of a smartwatch with the classic design of mechanical watches. If you want to know more about the features of smartwatches, you can visit the link for it. Once you decide to make your own smartwatch, you will be able to do it in the following ways:

Open Source Watch Kit

Open Source Watch Kit:

It is probably the best way to create smartwatch as per your choice. Jonathan cook designed open-source smartwatch and they are going to launch the official site also. According to them, you will be able to get all the required equipment to make a smartwatch and you will be able to find out a proper guide for it. After getting the equipment, you can follow the step-by-step guide on the website and can make your own smartwatch. You will be able to make the customisation as per your choice in the design and features of the smartwatch.

Use of Chronos Wearables:

Do you want to turn your classic watch to a smartwatch having the fitness tracking features? Now, you will be able to do it with the use of Chronos Wearables. It is available as a smart disc that you can attach to your normal watch on the bottom side. You will be able to get notification alerts with notification light in it. You can also track your fitness activities and count the steps with it. It is also available to provide the feature to control the music in your smartphone number after the connectivity. It is a revolutionary idea that will be very helpful to transform the old watches into new smartwatches.


OLED watch is another revolutionary idea that will be helpful for you to build a smartwatch. Jared is the inventor of this idea where you will be able to use the hardware to create your own smartwatch. In the kit, you will find an accelerometer and its firmware that will be helpful to communicate with the computer in an efficient way. The inventor created the design in the year 2014 and it is still in use because of its usability to create the smartwatch.

Tinyscreen Smartwatch Kit:

Tinyscreen smartwatch that is also available for people who want to make their own smartwatch. In discrete, you will find Tinyscreen OLED display, 140 mAh rechargeable battery and TinyDuino Processor Board. With other parts of the kit, you will be able to get Bluetooth 4 functionality in your smartwatch. You will also find an instruction guide with the kit that you can use to build your own smartwatch.

Tinyscreen Smartwatch Kit

With these methods, the users can create smartwatch having all the necessary features without any kind of inconvenience. If you want to decide on the features of smartwatches, you will get help on the link you can make the customizations in the features and designs as per your choice.