Natural Make Up

Natural Make Up: As Simple as it Could Get!

All natural make up look is hard but not impossible to attain. Due to subtle make up look in trend among celebrities, many young women and girls are taken aback by the poise and elegance with which their whole look complements them including their attire and make up. As a result, many of us devastatingly end up trying our own hands on makeup, but all in vain.

However, the good thing is getting a natural make up look is not beyond the bounds of possibility. SEMILAC is very much tractable; just follow the steps below to get the desired make up look. Once you master this, the question of how to do natural make up will no longer remain unanswered and unadoptable.

how to do natural make up

Without wasting a minute, let us together go through the steps to get the all new natural and effortless make up look.

  1. The first thing is to cleanse the face thoroughly. You don’t want any dirt or oil to reflect through your make up. Cleaning and pat drying the face is the primary requisite to get the clear and pristine make up look.
  2. To get a supple skin, moisturizing is the key. It will keep away the dry and flaky skin. A good moisturizer will not only nourish the face but will also have an anti ageing effect.
  3. Let’s admit there is at least something about our face that we like the least. This could be a tiniest patch or uneven skin tone. Foundation and Concealer when applied create a magic spell and evens out the skin tone leaving it immaculately clear and smooth. The trick is to just apply the right amount that would blend easily with the skin tone and do not shine out.
  4. Who doesn’t like red ruby cheeks on even skin tone? A little brush stroke of warm peaches or pink will simulate the face enriched with rich vascular supply, and they would ask you the secret behind your blush.
  5. A well done eye makeup will accentuate your look. To get a natural make up look choose a light colored eye shadow and follow the natural contours of the eye.
  6. Apply two strokes of mascara on roots of upper and lower eyelids to grab all the attention towards your eyes.
  7. Now comes the ladies most favorite part. Many women make a mistake here. In order to complement the natural make up look, they often pick up bright colored lip color which defeats the purpose of natural make up look and then they keep searching on how to get natural make up? The key is simple here, choose the lipstick shade that matches your lip color exactly and rather than applying it through tube, use fingertips to apply it.
Make Up

And now get ready to see your complete outlook. Are you mesmerized, self assured and full of confidence? At last do not forget to don your smile and to wear your invisible crown, for they are the ornaments of your personality. Get up and rule the hearts around you. You deserve every bit of it!