How Herpes Sufferers Relieve Pain

How Herpes Sufferers Relieve Pain, Itch and Swelling

Home remedies for genital herpes outbreaks may reduce discomfort. There’s no known cure for genital herpes, either conventional or alternative. Herpes is not a fatal disease but is difficult to live with. Only your doctor can diagnose herpes but these home remedies may provide relief from outbreaks. One keeps the disease from spreading to others.

Safe sex

Hopefully we all know this by now but it must be said. If you have genital herpes the only home remedies proven to reduce the chance of spreading the disease are male and female condoms. Do not have sex during an outbreak of the genital herpes virus. When not having an outbreak, always use a condom to avoid passing the virus to your partner.

Drying up genital herpes sores

Several home remedies exist that work well to dry up herpes outbreak sores. Lemon juice is something that may be readily available in the home. This should be diluted with water and applied to sores. Alum (used for making pickles) in powder form may be shaken on sores to dry them as well. Do not scrub genital herpes sores as they may spread.

Tea tree oil and Vitamin E capsules

Tea tree oil and Vitamin E capsules

Tea tree oil has many uses in the world of home remedies. Apply it directly to genital herpes sores to speed healing. Vitamin E is used frequently as a healing oil. Capsules can be broken open and the oil applied to genital herpes sores. Use an eye dropper to apply both liquids. These natural remedies are both very soothing. We have provided you detail about Relieve Pain; if you want to explore your knowledge, look at more info.


Ice provides pain relief for many injuries and conditions and is very helpful in relieving the discomfort of genital herpes. Apply an ice pack for ten minutes, give a five minute rest period and reapply. The ice pack has a cooling effect and reduces any pain, itching and swelling. For discretion at the office, try slipping an ice pack under your chair cushion.

Salt water, oatmeal and baking soda

Try this soak in the morning before heading to work to keep discomfort at bay. It may seem that salt would irritate genital herpes sores but many patients report the opposite is true. Dissolve ½ cup of any of these home remedies in bath water for a relieving soak. Do not scrub the sores, just let the home remedies do their job.

Zinc sulfate ointment

This type of ointment is sometimes used for painful diaper rash. This is one of those home remedies that brings instant relief. Use disposable gloves when applying any ointment to genital herpes sores. Be sure to discard gloves after use to avoid spreading the disease. As an added precaution, turn gloves inside out prior to disposal.

Please note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. See your physician for diagnoses and treatment of disease.


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