How do Phone Screens Detect Touch

How do Phone Screens Detect Touch?

Today, most of the people are using smartphones having touch screen input. There was a time when most of the mobile phones were used with keyboard buttons but not now. Today, most of the companies are providing touch screen option in the smartphones and you can get it at a very cheap price. When you scroll your social media feeds on your smartphone, you may have a question about the use of touch screen and it’s working.

If you also want to know how do phone screens detect touch, you are at the right place for it. you will get complete information on it below:

There are two types of touch screen options on mobile phones. Resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen. Let’s understand the working of both of these types of touch screens in smartphones:

Resistive touch screen

Resistive touch screen:

In the beginning, mobiles were manufactured having a resistive touch screen but it is not to use at the present time. This kind of touch screen resists your finger touch and you can feel a slight bend of the screen when you press it harder. In this type of touch screen, they use resistive and conducting layers separated by tiny dots named as spacers. The electric current will flow through the conductive layer but when you will touch the screen, the resistive layer will be in contact with the conducting layer. In this way, the resistive touch screen will detect the touch of your finger on the smartphone.

Capacitive touch screen:

Capacitive touch screen

Today, this technology is used in most of the smartphones instead of a resistive touch screen. It works on a completely different principle, unlike resistive touch screen. This kind of touch screen works with anything having electric charge including our skin. It is made with the materials like copper and indium tin oxide that is known to hold an electric charge in electrostatic grids. In the electrostatic grid, wires are used having the size smaller than human hair. In this kind of touch screen, a glass substrate, a conductive layer, a controller, a protector and electrodes at the corners are also used.

When you will touch the screen with your finger, a tiny electrostatic charge will be transferred to the field that completes this circuit. A voltage drop will be created at that specific touchpoint. A controller is also used that will report the location of voltage this way, your smartphone will detect the touch of your finger.

There are several other types of touch screens used including acoustic, optical imaging and infrared. However, these kinds of touch screens are not used in mobile devices. In smart phones, capacitive touch screens are used at the present time because of its better respond to touch. Now, you have the information on how do phone screens detect touch, you can keep scrolling your smartphone screen without any doubt. With the time, smartphone screens are getting better and you can get a better response time while scrolling your mobile screen or enjoying the games on your smartphone.