How Can I See my Phone Screen On My TV?

How can I See My Phone Screen on My TV?

New technologies steal everyone’s mind with attractive digital features. As we live and travel in digital world, from baby to old people carry mobile device even to washrooms. The mobile addiction has taken us bit forward to TV. How many of you agree? Yes, let’s discuss TV operation, and mobile features in one big screen.

Screencast Wi-Fi

Always comfortable mindset plays a major role for watching digital video. To know more, on phone to TV connecting features visit the following link Big screen is a visual treat for viewers to enjoy all apps and movies with any Wi-Fi connection.



Screen mirroring is possible in all the device. To sort out the confusion in connecting mobile to TV first we should know the updated version. Streaming in big screen can be connected through Roku streaming stick. Screen mirroring acts as a Mira cast and extend alternative monitor.   Screen mirroring is a replication of screen sharing for any device.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku streaming stick is a direct communication to all device from any smart phone. The specifications of Roku streaming stick includes.

  • Connecting device from Android, Windows, and iPhone to TV.
  • Dimensions- 0.5×3.3×0.8 inches
  • Plugin ports- HDMI
  • Box version support 1,2,3 or 4
  • Radio frequency- calls range from point anywhere
  • 1080 output with 4K resolution
  • For mobile IOS 9.3, android device marshmallow 6.0 and windows 10.

Android Connectivity

Once the android to Roku streaming stick is connected with same wireless network then follow the settings.

  • Enable screen mirroring to Roku as well as android device.
  • Click on settings-display-cast screen.
  • Select system and screen mirror from settings menu
  • Click on the cast section.

Now you can watch all videos and audio in one big screen TV. Before you begin watching, check out those above settings.

Iphone Connectivity

  • Install Roku application from play store.
  • Login to your account with Roku stick serial number.
  • You can pick the number from settings tab.
  • Now pair with Roku and iPhone.
  • Remote with your iPhone.

Windows Connectivity

  • Download Roku app from Microsoft store
  • Click Menu=settings=project my screen.
  • Check the same Wi-Fi stream while pairing windows with Roku.
  • Now, Roku stick appears on the bottom of your screen when pairing is done on correct basis.
  • Windows phone will screen on TV.

Android to Apple Connectivity

  • Download a third party mirror app from play store.
  • Best choice is to choose Apple TV airplay media player.
  • Find your apple TV and start mirroring.
  • Enjoy watching your big screen once the above streaming is done.

Windows to Apple connectivity

  • Download play cast application for windows.
  • Play cast supports Apple air play for Apple TV communication.
  • This application costs $3.99 for one time.
  • Verify your Apple TV plugin when connected to Windows TV.
  • As soon as TV is connected click menu-airplay-Apple TV for streaming.
  • Mirror your big screen by selecting application or videos according to your choice of convenience.

Android Chromecast

  1. Android Chromecast connectivity is possible when you are using latest 5.0 or higher updated android version.
  2. It is mandatory to be on the same page for both android and chrome       cast.
  3. Tap on the cast option on the bottom of your screen.
  4. Verify the notification popup by choosing your Chrome cast device.
  5. In case of error, during mirroring some android phone automatically changes its version.
  6. Before you begin mirroring, it is compulsory to check your android selective version to Chrome cast device must be 4.4.2
  7. This version does not directly support Chromecast communication. To make communication or streaming, install chrome cast from official play store from your device.
Android Chromecast

Any phone users can use TV as a single big screen in the replica of phone using apps, dongles. STB’s, Mira cast, HDMI and MHL. The complete hands on phone operations is possible on TV with phone remote. Only settings differs from android, Apple and windows to TV.