Foot Petals Tip Toes Shoe Insole Review

Foot Petals Tip Toes Shoe Insole Review

Wedding season is coming upon us, prom is in the near future, and girls and women everywhere are looking for that perfect pair of shoes.

Even the most beautiful pair of heels can be painful and even damage the foot. Foot slippage can cause blisters and callusing. Foot Petals, an Allure Magazine Editor’s Choice Best of Beauty Award Winner, created a product to help combat this. So, read this review article for

Tip Toes Shoe Insole

Foot Petals Tip Toes are placed on the shoe where the ball of the foot touches providing some extra cushion and preventing the foot from sliding.

According to the Foot Petals web site, its products are gel free and have a lifetime guarantee. Made with PORON performance urethane, Foot Petals convey their products allow for the release of air and in turn keep the foot dry.

Tip Toes come in a variety of colors and prints including; rose, buttercup, black, silver, white, zebra, leopard and tiger stripe. The Tip Toes are scalloped resembling a flower. They also have one set that stands apart from the others, they are rose colored hearts; Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

A zip code search at will tell you where the nearest store to you is located. Bath and Body Works, David’s Bridal, Guess USA, Dillard’s and Nordstom are some of the bigger named stores Foot Petal products are carried. There are also many places to purchase them online.

I bought mine at out of curiosity and well…pain. Target sells the 3 pack for $18.99 online. Though I wish they were slightly more “cushiony,” I love my Tip Toes. They really do make all the difference when your feet aren’t sliding all over in your shoes. I put mine in my backless shoes and now I don’t have to scrunch my toes to try and keep my shoes on! They allow you to forget about your feet and just have a good time!

If you are waiting until the last minute or you are just hearing about this fabulous product and don’t have a close brick and mortar location; sells a 6 pack for $39.95 with free overnight shipping.

Shoe Insole

If you are trying them for the first time and don’t want to commit to multiple pair, sells them individually for $6.95 a pair. Foot Petals makes a variety of products for the comfort and well-being of your feet.

I have never had a pair of my tip toes slide or scrunch, fold or fall off. I have been using them with no problems. This is a product that I can endorse with confidence.