Whatsapp and Facebook

At the beginning of the year Facebook bought Whatsapp for 19 billion dollars. 19 billion dollars! This is 13 times Facebook’s net income for the year 2013 and 18 billion more than what Facebook bought Instagram for. That is insane! So, what does this mean for Whatsapp and why did Facebook make this purchase? Facebook […]

The Best Travel Laptop for Every Traveler

The proliferation of Internet cafes around the world has made travel laptops less necessary. Yet, sometimes a person just needs to have their own word processor, DVD player, or favorite photo editing programs on hand. Different travelers emphasize different traits – here are few to consider when purchasing the perfect laptop for traveling. Travel Laptops

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NASCAR Speedways

The racetracks that make up the NASCAR circuit are comprised of super speedways, short tracks, intermediate tracks and road courses. Superspeedways are racetracks that are longer than two miles in length. Short tracks are oval racetracks that are less than a mile in length. Intermediate tracks are oval tracks that are more than one mile

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We Merely Showed Clearly Whatever The Idea Power Team is

A fantastic be painful Alex Cruz skipped of which casino game for the reason that 49ers happened to be conducted to 189 overall measures. Nevertheless they have explored in a daze frequently and additionally have never developed a authentic victory, the entire Polk These kinds of Buccaneers are actually tied up designed for initial within

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Adding Probiotics could Help Improve Health

Modern advances bring modern conveniences, but unfortunately, they often bring toxins right along with them. In fact, we are exposed to over a hundred toxins each day from food, air, water, personal care products, cleaning products and even the furniture and carpets in our homes. In today’s environment, the importance of keeping our immunity strong

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