Lose the Winter Weight by Hiking in Ventura County

Are you looking for an exciting way to shed the rainy day blubber that has made itself at home around your midsection? Hiking is strenuous exercise that the whole family can enjoy together. With mountainous terrain and ocean views, Ventura County is home to dozens of picture perfect day hikes and spring is the best […]

How to Own Your Property Sooner

The availability of low interest rates make now an ideal time to get ahead and put any additional funds towards owning your home or investment property outright sooner. Due to the global financial crisis interest rates are at their lowest in over four decades, putting extra dollars in the hands of homeowners with variable rate

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How to Detox and Lose Weight in 9 Easy Steps

Introduction Few people understand the value of detoxification for the body. It is truly a life saving, vital process, that enables us to remove toxins from our bodies. Most disease is caused by toxicity, so by detoxing you are strengthening your health. Detoxification Defined Detoxification means to clean the blood. This is mainly done in

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