How to Clean an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are a great way to ensure that you are getting your entire mouth and teeth completely clean. An electric toothbrush can often get a better cleaning on teeth than a normal manual toothbrush. Just like any other dental product, an electric toothbrush needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to help prevent […]

How Toxins are Changing Disease Patterns

At one time, the leading cause of death was pneumonia and tuberculosis. These diseases were basically a result of poor sanitation and a limited public health support system. As technology advanced researchers started noticing changes in the disease pattern distribution. The diseases plaguing our society are now chronic diseases that are more complicated and not

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Should You Wear a Watch

Before the rise of wristwatches, most American men preferred the pocket watch — it was relied on by middle class workers, busy urban executives, and (perhaps most famously) by railroad engineers and train conductors who used the small timekeepers to maintain service lines. As watchmaking technology progressed, it became possible to miniaturize an accurate automatic/mechanical

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5 Ways to Get Green-Washed by Your Next Home Improvement Project

Going green is a term you hear quite often. It simply means that the product you are using is good (or at least better than others) for the environment. Today, “going green” is synonymous with so many products; it may be becoming too good to be true. That’s where the term “green washing” comes in.

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How to Read Eyeglass Prescription For Reading Glasses

If you have ever looked at an eyeglass prescription, you might probably wonder how to read eyeglass prescription for reading glasses. Worldwide, these prescriptions are written in a standardized format with some common notations. Here, we help you with a walk-through on how to read eyeglass prescriptions. What Do The Numbers On Prescription Mean? Eyeglass prescription contains

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How to Set Up Your Website Properties

When you are creating your website, you will want to set up your website properties. These properties consist of your website’s title, description, keywords, and link properties. I will walk you through opening the properties and adding the information. You will need to begin by loading the website you are working on in Xara Web

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