Section I: Vision The Ohio Family and Children First Coordinators Association will be recognized at the state and local levels for leadership in promoting child and family well-being and for excellent service to our members.


Section II: Mission The mission of OFCFCA is threefold: (1) to provide professional development opportunities that will improve our members’ capacity to be of service to their councils and their communities; (2) to provide advice and advocacy to assist local and state decision makers in making and carrying out decisions regarding the well-being of children and families; and (3) to promote, within and outside our membership, a focus on accountability in FCF initiatives and in other efforts to improve child and family well-being.


Section III: Purpose The Association is uniquely positioned to assess front-line needs, develop best practices, share lessons learned, encourage, support accountability in local councils and service providers, and enter strategic partnerships with other organizations that address issues having to do with children and families.